Update #7

It’s been a long time since our last update. Time flies and it won’t stop (at least for us humans on planet Earth). Anyway, we are glad to share the first early prototype of KHROMAGICK hosted on itch.io. We still working very hard (mostly on free time) and our team members have now main jobs and responsibilities to take care of.

So please keep in mind when playing, that there are bugs and are getting fixed to deliver a smooth experience soon-ish.

To you all, stay safe and enjoy life!

Update #6

With so much work done and with all the team busy (managing their own lives), we are finally get things done slowly. We feel very pleased with what we are doing so far, but in order to show the progress, more time is needed to create new builds for ABOOM and KHROMAGICK. We expect the first one within a month or so.

Also, we are going to showcase our videogame prototypes at SOFA 2016 Bogota from 27 to 30 October, following the Expo Unity section :). Moreover, next month at Unity Developer Day Colombia 2016, the event will also held demonstration of projects made with Unity Engine. Meanwhile, as the confirmation to show up our projects is received, please consider visiting us next week (if you ever come at Bogota).


So far we have done a couple of updates on indiedb so please go ahead and check them: first screenshots and the first landmark for our visual style.

We still working very hard to build the a playable level in order to show the gameplay mechanics, mood and so on. Right now, with the unity 5 released, we needed to migrate the project. Hopefully, most of the issues were handled by the engine 🙂

That’s all for now and thanks for dropping by!


Greetings everyone! Our sincerest apologies for not showing any of our progress through IndieDB since our last article, we’ve been real busy taking care of some important tasks whikle developing our company’s first game prototype: KHROMAGICK. Holidays came by as well as a reminder of a year well spent working hard, so until recently we finally managed to get some time to tell you all about it so please check the latest new.

Happy new year!


The new update may be far too long from our previews, but we are getting things done. We have updated the profile of KHROMAGICK in indiedb with several news and finally have the designs for our main characters: Malek & Tarek. You may like to play with both of them once we manage to build the demo 🙂

That’s all for now and thanks for reading!


After months of silence, we have finally an update!

We added a description of the project we are working on and we present you KHROMAGICK. We will reveal more details about our 3rd person game later.
Also, some character concepts can be found in the Art section, hope you like them!
We still working so hard in order to get a playable demo done.



Welcome to our blog/site!

Our site is currently under construction. We’re selecting new material to upload it soon to our site!

Nuestro sitio está en construcción. ¡Estamos escogiendo el material para subirlo al sitio lo más pronto!