Dev Diary

Short Dev Story

Well, it has been a long journey since the first stage of development. It all began around early 2012, when we started to design a game in order to enter the Square Enix Latam contest for best game.

We managed to assemble a team of capable men and women, but then life got in the way and some of our former members had to solve personal and bussiness problems. We couldn’t manage to focus in the goal, so the contest got wrapped up, and we ended up having a bunch of great ideas. But without a polished and playable demo, we were dealt a huge morale blow, since we were so invested in it, but fortunately the story doesn’t end there.

As life has it, things go on and we managed to continue, just two guys with a vision and not enough free time. Slowly the development got moving again throughout the year with some of the ideas and concepts. The team back then, expanded the main idea to make something more approachable: we wanted to make an interactive videogame for tablets.

Diligently we found some people that wanted to work in the project, but then once again, some of those members left the team during September 2012 for personal reasons. Luckily some acquaintances stumbled upon our path wanting to work in the game. We were thrilled and thus development was re-ignited. Funny enough, although one of them had to leave yet again early 2013, the other one stayed for good! Now this time domestic responsabilities got in our way, the development got stuck a little bit, and we even had to work heavily in other non-related jobs to pay bills.

Sometime in April 2013, an invaluable friend returned to our team and we have finally managed to establish a solid core team (¡that continues to this day!) and so the development took a new turn. Thanks to that, development got even more steady than we ever hoped for, things were getting taken care of, and progress was unfolding. The type of game changed anew, this time we focused on creating a single player, third-person experience aimed to PC (Win, Linux) and Mac.

A lot of time had passed by now since the contest was held. We had to make a difficult choice which would make us reconsider the scope and guidelines for the game in order to better incorporate our vision: a science-fantasy adventure game for desktop computers (and if things go well, ¡consoles too!). Granted, in early 2014, we gradually increased the time dedicated on our beloved project and it’s almost a full time project now. We changed some development tools (mostly assets for unity), added new features (like gamepad support) and we set ourselves what has been an ellusive, but now viable goal: the making of a playable prototype for the world to see.

Thank you very much for reading up this far,
Angelo M.