About us

At Mechanical Box, we are very excited creating engaging gameplay and story driven experiences. With art being our stroke to deliver this experience to you, the player.

Half of the team is located in Bogota, the beautiful capital city located in the heart of Colombian Andes. At 2600 metres we breath thin air and eat lots of fruit! While the other enjoys taking sun and some wind at Porto, a friendly coastal city in front of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. We also eat tons of fruits and some fish.


Angelo D. Moro
The mind and soul behind the coding. Also loves to create sketches and designs for the games and he is found sometimes talking to trees and bees.

Jose David Moreno
The young warlock who deals with all artistic stuff. He seeks to understand the world, but in the mean time, he tries to understand pen & paper with his digital tablet.

David Moro
The hands behind 3D animation and modeling. He lives in a faraway cabin, near the sea where he brings life to the characters and creatures.


Andrea D. Martinez
She is in charge of our management and loves to write some code. She amazes the team with her style and personal designs for the projects.

C. Filipe Alves
The young composer who likes to perform with his flute near the mighty Atlantic ocean.

Very special thanks to the following awesome people:

Rodolfo Ayala
For trusting us the development of the earlier version of ABOOM.


MechanicalBox Interactive